Product Rendering: Duchateau

Duchateau, a premium lifestyle brand known for its exquisite architectural finishes, approached The Render Unit with a unique project. Led by Patrick, Duchateau specializes in luxury wood and wood-alternative flooring, 3D wood wall panels, and branded interiors for kitchens, closets, and bathrooms. Their requirement was to showcase their wood wall panel products in various interior settings, emphasizing their distinct appeal.

Scope of work

Our task was to conceptualize and create 3D renderings for three unique interior spaces, each featuring Duchateau’s wood wall panels. The project involved producing a total of 12 images, depicting each room in multiple color schemes:

  • “Rhythm” room, visualized in 5 different colors.
  • “Cadence” room, showcased in 5 unique colors.
  • “Intervals” room, illustrated in 2 distinct colors.

Project Overview

Duchateau’s precise directive was to design high-end, modern residential rooms. Each room was to feature a floor-to-ceiling accent wall using their wood wall panels, avoiding minor placements. The style mandate was clear – modern, luxurious, minimalist, yet with enough décor and art to imbue personality and uniqueness without appearing overly busy or maximalist. Each product typology was to be presented in a different room setting. Our team of artists employed 3ds Max, a powerful 3D software, focusing on architectural intricacies, material textures, lighting, and the overall ambiance, turning this vision into a tangible reality.

Project Progress

Product Labels

The starting point was the detailed product labels, highlighting sizes, colors, and textures. Our primary focus was on the following styles:

    • “Rhythm” in Dark Walnut, Natural, Noir, Soft White, and Raw Walnut.
    • “Cadence” in Soft White, Natural, Raw Walnut, Darkened Walnut, and Noir.
    • “Intervals” in Darkened Walnut and Noir, specifically 119 inches tall.

The Renders

 In this critical phase, we incorporated the chosen materials, textures, and colors, along with the main wood wall product. This process brought our renders close to their final form. Each visual was meticulously prepared, setting the stage for a thorough review to ensure absolute perfection.

1. Rhythm Render

2. Cadence Render

3. Intervals Render

This project not only showcased our capability to create detailed and immersive 3D environments but also highlighted our ability to closely align with the client’s vision, transforming their exceptional products into vivid, lifelike spaces.

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