Getaway House: Interior and Exterior Rendering

Bill Malisch approached us with a project that involved creating a series of 3D renders for both the exterior and interior of a property. The project was unique in its requirement for detailed and realistic renders, blending seamlessly with the natural environment for the exteriors, and exhibiting a modern style for the interiors, reflecting the site’s specific location.

Scope of work

Exterior views

  • Front View: Showcasing the main facade of the property.
  • Backyard View: Highlighting the rear design and landscaping.
  • Aerial View: Providing a bird’s-eye perspective of the property.

Interior Views

  • Lounge, Dining Room, Kitchen, Living Room: Each designed to reflect modern aesthetics.
  • Three Master Bedrooms: Focused on comfort and style.
  • Master Bathroom: A blend of luxury and modern design.

Project Execution

Initial Steps

Site Images & Floor Plans: We began by analyzing the existing site images and floor plans. These were crucial in understanding the space and layout, serving as foundational references for both exterior and interior renders.

Basic 3D Model: The client provided a basic SketchUp model for the exteriors, which we then elaborated upon, enhancing details, textures, and lighting using 3ds Max.

Process Details

Creating the 3D Model:

We began with the client’s basic SketchUp model, enhancing it with detailed textures, materials, and lighting using 3ds Max to create a more realistic and detailed representation of both the exterior and interior spaces.

Creating Draft Renderings:

Our team produced initial drafts for both the exterior and interior views, focusing on integrating the natural environment for the exteriors and a modern aesthetic for the interiors, as per the client’s specifications.

Feedback from Client:

We presented these drafts to Bill Malisch for review, gathering feedback on various aspects such as design elements, color schemes, and overall aesthetics to ensure the renders aligned with his vision.

Final Renderings:

Incorporating the client’s feedback, we refined our renders, adjusting details and lighting to produce the final high-resolution images, showcasing a seamless blend of natural and modern design elements in both the exterior and interior views.


This project was a journey of transforming a basic model into a series of detailed, high-resolution 3D renders, aligning perfectly with the client’s vision. Each step, from the initial drafts to the final renders, was executed with precision, ensuring that both the exterior and interior views were not just visually appealing but also true to the site’s character and ambiance.

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