High End Interior Renders: Aston Martin Apartments

FEDE, a renowned luxury interior design firm, focuses on crafting timeless spaces for both residential and commercial clientele. They approached The Render Unit to produce high-quality interior renders for their prestigious Aston Martin Apartment project.

Scope of work

The task at hand involved creating three intricate interior renders. The first two renders showcased different perspectives of one bedroom, while the third render highlighted the expansive layout of another major bedroom in the apartment.

Project Overview

The project kicked off with an insightful collection of conceptual view sketches and detailed 2D floor plans, all meticulously prepared by FEDE. Accompanying these were specific requirements for the renders, providing our artists with a clear roadmap for the project.

Utilizing 3ds Max, our team embarked on meticulously reconstructing the apartment’s space in 3D, ensuring precision in the structure’s shape and design. The focus then shifted to perfecting the materials used, achieving optimal lighting, and enhancing the overall environmental ambiance.

Project Progress

Initial Preparation with 2D Floor Plans and Material Specifications:

FEDE supplied us with comprehensive 2D floor plans. These included spatial layouts, furniture, and appliance placements, along with detailed drawings. These plans highlighted structural details, measurements, and the specific materials to be used in the renders, ensuring a solid foundation for our work.

First Draft Renders:

In this phase, we began to breathe life into the renders. By incorporating various materials, textures, and colors, we achieved a preliminary visual closely resembling the envisioned space.

Refinement and Revisions:

Our team undertook a detailed review of FEDE’s requirements, thoroughly cross-referencing them with the provided materials. This phase was crucial in ensuring that every aspect of the renders met the client’s expectations and standards.

Final Renders:

After meticulously incorporating all feedback and enhancements, we produced the final renders. These visuals were not only a testament to our team’s dedication but also aligned perfectly with FEDE’s vision for the Aston Martin Apartment project.


The Render Unit was thrilled to assist FEDE in bringing their vision for the Aston Martin Apartment to life through our renders. This collaboration showcased our commitment to detail, accuracy, and client satisfaction in the realm of 3D rendering for luxury interior design.

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