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We have been serving clients in Los Angeles for over three years now, and our exceptional service has earned us the loyalty of our clients. Our portfolio ranges from photorealistic interior and exterior renderings to high-quality architectural walkthroughs, and we strive to provide our clients with effortless access to the best 3D visualizations. The Render Unit is honored to be a part of the architectural and design community in Los Angeles, providing stunning 3D renderings for a variety of projects throughout the city.

Our portfolio includes working with some of the well known architects and interior designers in Los Angeles, such as Eco Design and Build and JDS Design. We have worked on numerous luxury residential developments, creating stunning visualizations of the properties that have helped our clients present their designs.

A 3d visualization of a bungalow covered in greenery.
Exterior render of a minimalist townhouse.

Steps to get going!

3D Visualization has never been simpler. With just few of your inputs and the required file get your renders delivered just within a few days!

Send us a short brief  about your project. We’ll go through your project details and create a custom offer for you based on your requirements. 

This offer will indicate the cost of the rendering your project and the best possible turnaround time for it. 

Review the draft results and leave us  your feedback for us to continue or make the necessary corrections.

Receive your project visualized that will exceed your expectations.

If you are looking for a 3D rendering services in Los Angeles that can deliver stunning visualizations and help you to achieve your goals, look no further. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to discuss your project. 🙂


Why partner with us?

 At The Render Unit, we are committed to providing quality rendering services to our clients that surpass the standards of our competitors.

We strive for excellence in every project we do. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality rendering services to our clients that go above and beyond the expectations of our competitors. We ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final outcome of your project.

We want to make sure that we are always available to you. We’ll respond to your feedback promptly, and we’re happy to be transparent about our process so you can stay informed every step of the way. We’re here to make sure your experience with us is a positive one.

One of our top priorities is speed. We understand that architectural projects can be incredibly time-sensitive, especially when it comes to winning architecture contests or government-funded projects. We’ll keep your goals and deadlines in mind from the start to the finish of your project, and we’ll work hard to deliver results that you’ll be proud of.

We understand that cost is an important factor, and we strive to offer competitive prices without compromising on quality. We are constantly working to improve our efficiency to ensure that we are providing the best value for our clients. We believe that our pricing is fair, and we are confident that our services will give you a great bang for the buck.

3D Rendering Services in Los Angeles

We’re a boutique agency with a team of 15 3D Artists, passionate about creating projects that are visually project.. That tells stories and evoke desire within the viewers. As a leading provider of 3D rendering services in Los Angeles, we’ve had the pleasure of working with amazing people from architecture and real estate companies in Los Angeles and beyond, helping them with photorealistic 3D renderings for their projects.

Every great project starts with a meaningful conversation. It’s about the ‘why’ behind its creation. This lets us tell this story through every image, video, or VR we make for our clients. 

In just Los Angeles alone, we’ve worked on more than 25 projects in the last 5 years, check out some of our best projects from LA here on our website. 

So why choose us, The Render Unit for your 3D rendering needs in Los Angeles?

So, maybe our case studies and client success stories speak for themselves, but if you need just one more push to move forward, here’s what really makes us stand out:

  • Flexible Revisions: We make sure we offer at least two rounds of revisions to customize your project to your needs, since not always is one revision enough, we agree with that too!
  • Detailed Specifications: Next, we gather full specifications of materials/finishes and scene content before starting, so we’re aligned right from the start.
  • Consistent Style: Regular customers get the same artists to ensure a consistent visual style throughout their projects.
  • Impressive Client Base: We’ve completed over 400 projects (25+ just in Los Angeles) with more than 2000 realistic images in our portfolio, collaborating with 100+ clients! (Psst, we’re working on the biggest metro station in the world, under an NDA). We also have clients in New York, Chicago, and even Dubai.  

And here are the services we’ve been providing to Clients in Los Angeles:

  • Exterior Rendering: This is all about creating realistic images of what your building will look like from the outside. It helps you see how the design interacts with the environment, the landscaping, and the lighting.
  • Interior Rendering: This lets you visualize the inside of a space. It’s great for seeing how furniture, lighting, and decor come together, interact with one another to create the right atmosphere.
  • Product Rendering: This is mainly to create lifelike visuals of your products (or even furniture). It’s great for showcasing details and features, making your products look their best in a digital format.
  • Virtual Reality Tours: VR tours offer an immersive way to experience your project. Clients can just virtually walk through spaces and get a feel for the layout and design before anything is built.
  • Architectural Animations: So, these are like mini-movies of your designs. They show your project in motion, giving a dynamic view of how everything comes together.

Our reputation as a 3D rendering company in Los Angeles is built on the trust that real estate developers, architects, and designers place in us. We make sure we participate in industry events and stay updated with the latest trends and tech.

So what’s really different? We’d say our commitment to providing high-quality work with fast turnarounds. And yes, we know that budget is always a consideration, so we work hard to keep our prices competitive without skimping on quality. 

The Render Unit has been providing exceptional 3D rendering services in Los Angeles that exceed expectations. We’re a client-focused 3D rendering company that understands your unique needs and works hard to deliver. If you’re a real estate developer, architect, or designer, we’ve got your back.

So, what software do we use?

It’s confidential. Just kidding, as one of the leading 3D rendering companies, we primarily use 3ds Max, Corona Render, and Photoshop for post-processing, but we also use V-Ray and Blender and even Unreal Engine whenever needed. 

And how much is that gonna cost? 

The price for 3D architectural interior rendering services depends on several factors. These factors include the number of cameras. They also include object size, design style, and project complexity.

We handle exterior views, blending them with interior rendering. On our next call, we’ll provide accurate pricing, as promised.

Want to know more about our 3D Rendering rendering company? Book a demo with our team or email us at contact@therenderunit.com.


Enter a world where magnificent buildings coexist with the sunny surroundings of Los Angeles! The Render Unit is exceptionally skilled at creating 3D renderings that perfectly capture the distinctive architectural rendering Los Angeles and its attractive surroundings.

Be prepared to be mesmerised by our 3D rendering services in Los Angeles, which have a powerful local resonance and will transport you to a world filled with the majestic architecture and vibrant spirit of the City of Angels. Our meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence enables us to bring your visions to life in a way that will captivate you and leave you wanting more.

Immerse yourself in a 3D rendering of Los Angeles’ breathtaking skyline, which shows off the city’s modern high-rises’ stunning beauty, its historical sites’ iconic allure, and the laid-back vibe of its coastal neighbourhoods. Los Angeles is a haven for architects; every pixel here captures that. It is vibrant and alive.

Our team of seasoned professionals naturally understands the architectural rendering of Los Angeles trends, enabling us to add a vibrant regional flair to our 3D rendering services Los Angeles that appeal to locals and tourists.

We transform your ideas into artistic works of art that perfectly depict Los Angeles, from the mid-century charm of Hollywood to the sleek modernity of Downtown LA.

Unparalleled Realism In Los Angeles

Each specific thing is essential. Our renderings faithfully capture the minute particulars that give your designs life, such as material texture and the play of light and shadow.

Every element is painstakingly crafted to guarantee that the final result accurately reflects your vision. Modern engineering and industry-leading software enable you to immerse yourself and your clients in a virtual world where your architectural rendering of Los Angeles creations plays out in exquisite detail.

Ignite the Power of High-Quality 3D rendering services Los Angeles and Dominate the Market!

In the vibrant and competitive landscape of Los Angeles, companies must make a bold statement that captures the attention of their local audience.

At The Render Unit, we specialise in delivering high-impact, visually stunning sales and marketing content that takes your brand to new heights. With 3D rendering services in Los Angeles; cutting-edge 3D, AR, VR, and AI technologies, we create value that resonates with the unique spirit of Los Angeles.

At The Render Unit, we understand the importance of user experience and design in captivating the Los Angeles market. We go beyond ordinary 3D rendering in Los Angeles by focusing on delivering an immersive and engaging experience for your customers.

By placing your products in realistic and dynamic environments that reflect the essence of Los Angeles, we enable your audience to connect with your brand on a whole new level. This drives engagement and positions your brand as a frontrunner in the ever-evolving Los Angeles market.

Leading the Los Angeles Market!

Due to our success and commitment to excellence track record, we are now the go-to partner for companies in Los Angeles across many industries.

Due to our dedication to delivering the best 3D rendering los angeles possible, we have made a name for ourselves as a leading service provider in the region.

When you work with The Render Unit, you can maximise the potential of your products and control the Los Angeles market.

Don’t settle for average when Los Angeles can help you succeed extraordinarily. Let us be your dependable companion on this thrilling journey.

For 3D rendering los angeles that is of the highest calibre and is customised for the Los Angeles market, get in touch with

The Render Unit right away. Together, we will strengthen your brand, appeal to the neighbourhood, and establish your business as a force to be reckoned with. Making a name for yourself in the City of Angels is now possible; let’s do it!

Why Choose The Render Unit For 3D Rendering Los Angeles?

1. Vast Experience in Los Angeles: Elevate Your Projects to New Heights!

Are you looking for unmatched 3D rendering of Los Angeles services in the vibrant city of Los Angeles? The Render Unit is the only place to turn! We bring unmatched expertise to every endeavour thanks to our extensive experience working on various projects in the LA region.

2. Expertise in Local Landscape – Bringing Southern Los Angeles to Life!

Our group of illustrators is skilled at capturing the spirit of Southern Los Angeles’s breathtaking landscapes. We have the artistic ability to make famous beaches, stunning architecture, or lush vegetation come to life. For more information on how we turn landscapes into hypnotic renderings, click here.

3. Photorealistic Quality without Breaking the Bank

The Render Unit appreciates the value of your monetary contribution. As a result, we can offer incredibly competitive pricing without compromising our subject-matter expertise or the calibre of our service. Due to the fact that a significant portion of our team is located overseas, we’ve found the perfect balance between affordability and quality.

4. Effortless Process: Seamlessly Launch Your Project Today!

Bid adieu to time-consuming bureaucratic procedures! You can launch your project using The Render Unit with just a few clicks. Our simplified online process lets you easily and quickly get started on your vision.

With The Render Unit’s 3D rendering of Los Angeles, you can experience the extraordinary rather than the ordinary. Raise the bar for your projects, take advantage of the stunning surroundings, and get the best return on your investment.

Launch your project immediately through our unbureaucratic process to begin your journey immediately. With The Render Unit, you can empower your vision and realise its potential.

Step Outside the Box with Your Design! Make Use of the Power of Our Unparalleled 3D Rendering Los Angeles Services. Contact Us Now!

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