Developmental Renders for SK Design Group

Scott Heuvelhorst, the principal designer at SK Design Group, sought our expertise for the Varsity Theatre Renders. Based in Chicago, SK Design Group is renowned for their modern interior designs, skillfully incorporating elements of both contemporary and classic styles.

Scope of work

Our assignment was to create 10 detailed interior visualizations, offering various design options.

Project Overview

We began by examining the 2D layouts and detailed specifications provided by the client. Using this information, we enhanced these designs with appropriate materials, textures, specifications, and lighting, employing the robust capabilities of 3ds Max.

Project Progress

1. Architectural Blueprints

We received detailed 2D floor plans and elevations, which included the layout of furniture and appliances, structural measurements, and material specifications. These served as the foundational blueprint for our project.

2. Specifications Spreadsheet

In this crucial phase, we added materials, textures, and colors to the renders. This step brought the visuals close to the final look, with every detail meticulously documented in a spreadsheet.

3. Precision and Iterations on Draft Renders

The draft renders underwent several revisions based on client feedback. These adjustments were critical in refining the details and achieving the desired outcome.

4. The Ultimate Rendering

After a series of modifications and enhancements, we completed the project with the production of final renders in FullHD resolution, showcasing the Varsity Theatre in its full glory.

Throughout the project, we maintained a close collaboration with the client, ensuring that each render not only met but exceeded their expectations. Our meticulous attention to detail in every phase, from blueprint analysis to final rendering, highlights our commitment to delivering top-quality visualizations.

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