Industrial Rendering: Gomez Piñero & Assoc

Caribbean Integrated Development is an interdisciplinary consulting group currently engaged in assisting several public and private enterprises in furthering their overall development plans.

In this particular project, they approached us to make a factory exterior render. The requirement was to create a detailed top view of the Juan Factory and Warehouse.

Scope of work

1 detailed top view exterior render

Project Overview

We received the 3D sketchup  basic extruded model, we then started detailing it with material, textures, specifications and lighting using 3D’s Max.

The entire process was focused on the integration and final rendering.

Project Progress

1. Basic Model

The basic sketch-up model was provided by the client, we tried to work on detailing it further for the final full resolution HD- render.

2. Final Render

After all the revisions and refinements these final renders were presented to the client.

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