Residential Exteriors for William Lindy

William Lindy Residential Designs is a company specializing in the creation of residential blueprints, drawing upon practical construction expertise to provide top-notch home designs. 

Kevin, their spokesperson, extended an invitation for us to craft an external perspective, highlighting two different aspects. The visualization task focused on a color scheme featuring calming and neutral hues, placing particular importance on seamlessly incorporating verdant elements from nature to enhance the elevations with depth and dimension.

Scope of work

Our task involved generating visualizations for the exteriors of two facades.

Project Overview

Our venture commenced upon receiving 2D floor plans and elevations courtesy of Kevin. Subsequently, our team of artists delved into the intricacies of architectural design, utilizing 3D software—specifically, 3Ds Max. Considering materials, lighting, and the ambient surroundings, we transformed this conceptual vision into reality.

Project Progress

1. Architectural Blueprints

2D floor plans and elevations were given, providing a comprehensive visual representation of the apartment’s spatial dimensions. The documentation showcased arrangement of furniture and appliances with structural measurements and material specifications, offering a blueprint for the project.

2. 1st Draft Visuals

In this phase, we incorporated materials, textures, and colors, bringing the renders to a point closely resembling the final stage. The visuals were prepared, setting the stage for one last round of review to ensure perfection.

3. Precision and AIterations on draft renders - Revision

From the two renders some minute revisions given by the client were to be worked upon by the team on the second render which included adjustment of overhangs and columns, flushing of a portion, removing of extra lines.

4. Culmination: The Ultimate Rendering

These were the comments from the clients for revision 2 over the draft renders sent mentioned in the graphic.

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