Case Study: Developmental Renderings for Crescent Heights

America’s premier urban real estate developer, Crescent Heights is one of the leading real estate firms. Specializing in the development, ownership, and operation of architecturally distinctive mixed-use high-rises in major cities across the United States.

Jim and Cynthia, from the Architecture and Design team at Crescent reached out with a set of renderings to be done for the purpose of visualizing their interior design concepts for some of the units for their latest portfolio addition, the historic 850 Lake Shore Drive.

We had to produce renderings for two different concepts for three areas; the corridor, the kitchen and the bathroom.

We were provided with a lot of information prior to starting, plans, material specifications, product links, images and inspirations.

Plans and References

Our team began with modeling the spaces with the information at hand, and produced the first drafts. Within two days of onboarding, we were able to submit these renderings for the client’s review;

Draft Renders

After reviewing the renders and finalizing the design, Jim & Cynthia provided us with a round of feedback, and we got back to them with these finalized renderings;

Final Renders

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