Visualizing the Dellanina Residence for Mitch Wise Design

Mitch Wise Design is an Wisconsin based designer and builder whose philosophy is to get involved in residential projects, in stages that are early or late, and to listen carefully to the home-owner’s needs and translate them into reality. 


Mitch reached out to us in November 2023 to visualize one of his residential projects, Dellanina.


We completed a total of three exteriors and two interior renderings for this home.

We received the Revit model from Mitch, which gave us a good reference point to make our own model in 3ds Max. We also received finishes and furniture specifications in order to achieve the accurate vision Mitch had in mind.


Within 3 days, we were able to deliver the interiors, modeled and rendered from scratch.

These are how they came out;


For the exterior, we received an overall reference image since it was a conceptual submission and not finalized. So here’s the exterior renderings we made for Mitch;


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