Virtual Reality for Haven Development

Haven Development is a prominent Real estate development company in the Bay Area in California. Their primary focus is to create unparalleled residential properties in the Bay Area.


PJ, Vice President of Design & Marketing at Haven, reached out to us with the request to create a comprehensive VR tour of their upcoming properties. The challenge? We had to deliver 32 VR hotspots for two different designs, within 12 days.


With the technical drawings provided by Haven, our team efficiently divided the work and got started with the aim to create uncompromised renderings, within the tight deadline.


We ran an internal round of revisions to avoid any discrepancies, especially during this short time that the client had given us. We fixed a few things here and there, changed camera positions to make the best use of each rendering, and achieved a welcoming, bright, harmonious result for all the spots.

We met the client again on the 8th day to present the draft VR tour, and to all of our delight, they loved the result in the first go.

Here’s how the VR tours came out

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