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Frequently Asked Questions

Photorealistic 3D rendering is a process performed by CGI artists with the use of professional software. The results of this process are photo-like 2D visuals. In the context of architecture, those visuals depict interiors and exteriors of buildings that are yet to be constructed.

The Render Unit 3D rendering services are used by architects and interior designers, as well as real estate agents and developers. The former two use 3D visualization services mainly to present their concepts to clients, while the latter two use it to promote properties that are unfurnished, under construction, or require renovation.

Exterior rendering focuses on the external aspects of architectural designs. This CGI provides a holistic view of the building in its context, reflecting architectural aesthetics, neighboring landscapes, and even specific weather conditions. Such visuals are perfect for architectural presentations, real estate marketing, and urban planning.

In the context of architecture and interior design, the main types of 3D visualization are interior rendering, exterior rendering, 3D animation, virtual staging, and 3D virtual tours.

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Imagine being able to make the most realistic and fascinating versions of your architectural and 3D rendering aspirations come true. What if your creations could transcend the incredible and manifest in the actual world, making a lasting impression? We can turn these “what ifs” into magnificent realities here at The Render Unit.

Consider using exterior representations of your 3D rendering service plans that are so lifelike that it is impossible to discern the difference between the virtual and the real. From the texture of the materials to the interactions between light and shadow, our team of skilled 3D rendering service providers pays great attention to every single detail. What happened? You’ll need to look twice to realize they aren’t real images because they are so convincing.

However, why stop outside? Discover the wonder of our interior rendering service by taking a look around. We will create visualizations that transport your clients into a realm of elegance and practicality. Every little thing has been carefully planned, from the positioning of the furniture to the intricacies of the lighting, to inspire awe and inspire your clients to imagine themselves in the area.

Let’s go on to the next phase. Animation can bring your ideas to life and capture visitors in a way that static visuals just can’t. Using our architectural animation solution, we will create dynamic and engaging movies that display your project from all angles. Consider providing a virtual tour for your clients so they can see the ebb and flow of light, the smooth movement of things, and the flawless integration of design components.

However, virtual reality is something you should investigate if you really want to push the boundaries of what is possible. Our state-of-the-art VR solutions enable your customers to fully immerse themselves in your ideas and share an entirely new experience with them. They are able to engage with things, discover new places, and feel the room come to life. After this powerful encounter, they will be left stunned and yearning for more.

The Render Unit also works on other projects besides rendering service and visualizing architectural designs. We are bringing visions to life and turning them into vibrant, imaginable realities. Thanks to our 3D rendering knowledge, advanced technology, and unrelenting commitment to quality, we will surpass your expectations and produce results that are nothing short of remarkable.

Why settle for the ordinary when you have the chance to embrace the extraordinary? Contact The Render Unit right now, and let us assist you in realizing the full potential of your 3D concepts. We will create a universe that transcends description and has an impact on everyone who enters it!.

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